Myla Nevaeh

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Welcome to the home of Myla Nevaeh Photography. 

Started in 2001, Myla Nevaeh photography has been priveledged to be part of some 1,000+ special events, capturing over 250,000 precious moments from across the United States and all over the globe. Whether you're looking for family shots, lifestyle shots, wedding day photos or looking to make memories for another special occasion ... you can count on Myla Nevaeh to capture every precious moment. 

- Myla

"First words, first steps, new beginnings, new commitments, rehonouring old commitments, at work or at play, having fun and being full of joy and innocence. A passionate look, a longing look, or just a look into another’s eyes, seeing a little bit of the soul beneath. These are all moments in our lives too quickly swept away by the continual marching of time." - Robert Dann

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